Strategic Communications Consultancy
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Strategic Communications Consultancy
  • Corporate Reputation Management
    After conducting a detailed analysis of your brand’s reputation, GTC positions your brand and strengthens it with a comprehensive, result-oriented strategy to create sustainable value.
  • Content Management
    GTC creates the most effective construct to convey your message to your target audience, exactly as intended
  • Topic and Agenda Management
    GTC not only ensures your brand’s visibility but helps you to shape the agenda.
  • Media Relations Management
    With its team of experts who keep a close eye on national and global media dynamics, GTC builds an effective and strong bridge between its clients and the media.
  • Leadership Management
    GTC guides you to achieve flawless leadership communication to positively impact your brand image, corporate expectations and commercial concerns.
  • Crisis Management
    “The best managed crisis is one that is avoided.”
    GTC has an immaculate track record in crisis management. With its experienced team and effective communication through conventional and digital media, GTC helps you to navigate the government, business world, media and society axis with the right message at the right time.
    GTC even assists you to create opportunities from crisis.
  • Event Management
    GTC, through its strategic event management approach, puts together the “perfect event” to reach your objectives.
  • Social Responsibility and Sponsorships
    GTC considers social responsibility projects as one of the best and most effective ways to consolidate a brand’s reputation. We support our clients with social responsibility projects to create a positive brand image and leave a lasting mark in the community.
    In social responsibility and sponsorship management, GTC does not simply match standards. It excels them to make sure that the needs of the brand and the project are fully met .
Our Services
Strategic Communications Consultancy
Corporate Reputation Management,
Content Management,
Topic and Agenda Management,
Media Relations Management,
Leadership Management,
Crisis Management,
Event Management,
Social Responsibility and Sponsorships
Lobbying Activities
GTC evaluates domestic and international politics, local and global economic dynamics, the trends in the business world and the salient topics in the media.
International Projects
GTC develops and manages projects with the EU, the World Bank, United Nations and other international institutions and funds, as well as with public and private bodies and NGOs in Turkey.
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