Government Relations

  • GTC with its expert staff who have extensive experiences and knowledge in the government and its intricacies forms and maintains healthy relations with the government for its business partners. It represents its business partners at all levels of government and takes the necessary initiatives.
  • With its professional staff, GTC helps its business partners to understand the unique language of politics in Ankara. It interprets, evaluates and makes comprehensive analysis of the developments in the capital. GTC transmits the messages of business partners to Ankara to the right address, at the right time and with the right context.
  • GTC monitors and analyzes every legislative activity related to its business partners on every level of government and informs them accordingly.
  • GTC develops and implements appropriate strategies for its business partners to take part in all the processes covering “the formation of relevant legislation, going through proposal phase to law phase, issuance in the Official Gazette and implementation”.